Twice a year, several hundred experienced Bikram Yoga practitioners attend teacher training with Bikram Choudhury.  Trainees must complete an intensive 9-week program which includes two daily sessions of Bikram Yoga, lectures and posture clinics in order to receive teaching certification.  Students come from all over the world to undergo this training program and it’s benefits are life-changing.

Taking 9-weeks away from family, work, and a lifestyle is not easy and many students are embarking on a life-changing career as Bikram Yoga teachers.   In addition, the teaching staff at training come from around the world to contribute to the process of sharing the benefits of practicing and teaching Bikram yoga.  Sometimes referred to as “bootcamp,” the trainees are challenged physically, mentally and emotionally so that they empathize with their future students who come to class and feel challenged.

Phillip Katzmann, co-director of Bikram Yoga Temecula, is currently completing certification this Spring in Los Angeles, and we look forward to having him back and hearing more about his experience.  In order to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, students must practice for a minimum of six months at an affiliated studio, be in good health with a strong practice, and receive a recommendation from the studio owner.  The next teacher training will also be held in Los Angles this Fall of 2012.  For more information about teacher training, please go to or ask Katy and Phillip at the studio.  We’d love to share more with you about the unlimited possibilities that come with this healthy lifestyle.

See you soon at Bikram Yoga Temecula!