A hearty congratulations to Kasha Fadaie for being selected as BYT January’s Student of the Month!

Kasha, 40 years old and a father of two, has been practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula with an unwavering dedication of four to five times per week over the past two years. When Kasha walked in the studio for the first time on the evening of January 19th, 2013 he knew there was something powerful, yet calming about the practice. “Practicing Bikram Yoga Kasha said, afforded me a vision. I can see exactly where I want to go and how I can get there.” And Kasha has come a long way over these past two years.

Earlier in his life, Kasha’s physical stamina was low. He didn’t have much perseverance. However, after practicing Bikram Yoga with a steady clip an enormous reserve of staying power and vitality was discovered inside of him. “I had heard that Bikram Yoga increases fortitude and determination, yet being the pragmatic guy that I am, I needed evidence… tangible results.”

Kasha Awkward PoseKasha was invited on an 18 mile bicycle ride with a younger, 25 year old friend and much to his surprise Kasha was not only able to keep up with his younger friend the entire ride, he had none of the familiar aches and pains the following few days that most experienced riders might feel. “The pranayama and the asanas have opened my lungs and blood vessels to the point I can now take in a significantly more amount of oxygen than before. I just don’t get tired any more like I used to.”

With his continued practice of Bikram Yoga, Kasha has also found a sense of peace, an and an acceptance in life. “I feel as though the power to decide and choose what I want for my life is mine. No one else’s. The discipline and focus the practice requires enables me to control my mind, thereby controlling my destiny.”

As a final comment, Kasha shares: “Most importantly, my practice of Bikram Yoga permits my mind and body to break down all barriers and all limitations. It simply shatters them!’