“For the larger part of my life, I had always worked so hard to take care of the needs of my husband, my children, my friends. I constantly gave all of my energy and time to others, yet never took the time for myself and found I was not only losing them, but myself in the process. I needed to be me… put me first. Somehow I had to find the first step to learn to live in the spirit.”

We are pleased and happy to announce that Silvia Echavarria has been selected as April 2015 Bikram Yoga Temecula Student of the Month. Silvia, age 42 and a mother of three children, works full time, and still has time to target her practice 2-3 times per week and be a key part of our Work Exchange program. Silvia has also completed two Bikram Yoga Temecula challenges; a 30 day and a Holiday Challenge both within one year AND completed three classes in one day during the 2014 Holiday Challenge!

“Back in February 2014 I was reading “El Poder de Escuchar” by Ismael Cala. In his book he recommended Bikram Yoga as a way to begin a path of change. I put the book down, googled Bikram Yoga, found BYT, and immediately attended my first class that same day.”

With her consistent practice, Silvia is undergoing a total transformation in her personal and family life. “My friendships, and relationships are no longer the same. I now only want to spend my time with those I love and who love me. When I look in the mirror I now love what I see. Bikram Yoga has given me the courage and the strength to become what I want to become. My life has changed. Food, diet, relationships, even my breathing has changed.” I just love it.”

We’re very happy to have Silvia as a continuing member of our yoga community. Keep going, Silvia!