“I hadn’t ridden my road bike in over seven years, which I really love to do and my husband and I rode 50 miles through Valley Center, Rice Canyon, Rainbow this past summer in 100 degree weather and I tell you he was gassed. I mean gassed to the max. Me? It was though I hadn’t skipped a beat. It’s the Bikram and the pranayama. That’s it.”

Bikram  Yoga Temecula’s November’s Student of the Month goes to Abby Joseph, who has been practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula consistently since opening day in December 2012. Abby, who has four children, seven grandchildren, and works full time as a social worker continues to find the time to practice in the hot room 4-5 times per week. “I have a Type A personality and have found I can better manage my daily stress and I’m far more calm, both inside and out when I practice.” Abby, age 47, continues to surf and paddle board at her favorite spots in Carlsbad and Oceanside and has no plans to slow down or stop.

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Abby finds the Bikram practice safe, predictable, and is never bored with it. She remarked with a smile, “I’m always working on my postures to get them a little better each time because I’ve learned ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’.” Each day I want to get my practice  a little better and better which will help my surfing and paddle boarding get a little better and better.”

Congratulations to Abby!