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Bikram Yoga 90

BEST FOR BEGINNERS! Traditional yoga class of 26 postures and two breathing exercises working through every system of your body. This class is taught in a heated room to warm your muscles and stretch safely, increase circulation and cleanse toxins from the body. A r egular practice results in the healing of injuries, weight loss, increased strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Our classes provide the best options for all levels.

If you have an acute condition, limitation, or pain, please consult your teacher before class for special instructions.

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We have memberships for every schedule and budget. Member benefits may include regular wellness check-ins, guest passes, discounts on workshops, and retail items. Becoming a member at SNG Temecula can truly help you reach your goals and keep your practice strong by visiting us more regularly.


What People Are Saying

“Bikram Yoga has taught me tolerance, patience, amazing health and healing. Before I started practicing I had severe neck pain daily. After three months of unlimited yoga I have experience amazing pain relieve. I love practicing at BYT because of its healing benefits in many areas of my life.”
Shelley Paxton

“I started Bikram Yoga as a replacement for running since I can’t run long distances anymore. I’ve never been able to get into yoga but Bikram is unlike any other yoga.

Although I’ve only been practicing for four months, I have seen positive changes that compel me to continue. I’ve lost weight, slimmed down (my pants fit great again!), my muscles have become more tone and I can touch my toes ( something I have never been able to do!) Overall, it has proven to be great replacement for running for me because it is challenging, rewarding, and there is just something about it that keeps me coming back!”

Rebekah Day

“Bikram yoga is intense and some studios have an elitist, unwelcoming vibe. This one is the complete opposite – Phillip and Katy are so gracious and make everyone feel welcome. All of the instructors are encouraging, kind and inspiring. The facilities are top notch and have spa-like extras. Who knew the best Bikram studio in SoCal would be found in Temecula?”
Heather Anderson

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Developing a regular yoga practice is the best way to start. Let us help you create a sustainable schedule with classes that yield results.