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Bikram Yoga Hour

The 60 Minute Class has the same poses (26 & 2) as in the traditional 90 minute Bikram Hot Yoga class, but is designed to fit into 60 minutes. You will practice the same series, in the same order with some poses done only once. Great when you are short on time or want to add a second workout to your day.

Our classes provide the best options for all levels.

If you have an acute condition, limitation, or pain, please consult your teacher before class for special instructions.

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We have memberships for every schedule and budget. Member benefits may include regular wellness check-ins, guest passes, discounts on workshops, and retail items. Becoming a member at SNG Temecula can truly help you reach your goals and keep your practice strong by visiting us more regularly.


What People Are Saying

“I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for over five years. Because of life circumstances, there are times when I’m not. I always feel better when I’m consistent. I started Bikram Yoga to help deal with chronic neck pain and migraine headaches, and it has helped tremendously. It has also helped with flexibility and is a great stress reliever. I love practicing at SweatNGlow Temecula because it addresses many areas of need at one time. Also, the instructors are”
Meredith Young

“I have been a SweatnGlow regular for over six years and have seen my body develop strength and flexibility in so many important areas, in particular my core, arms and spine have become stronger. I have been a runner since my early 20s and had no idea how weak I was in certain areas until I began a regular practice of Bikram yoga. I consider this practice life insurance that
will carry me into a very healthy old age without need of joint replacements or prescription medicines. I’m 56 and a recent physical amazed my doctor. I attribute my good health to a regular practice of 90 minute hot yoga. It’s also a bonus to feel like a family every time I walk in to SweatnGlow. The owners, Katie and Phillip are so sincere and sweet and all of the instructors
are thoughtful, caring and great coaches. I highly recommend this form of exercise to everyone—no matter your current age, physical condition or health!!!”
Robin Schenck

“Before I started practicing Bikram Yoga I went to the chiropractor each month. After a few months of practicing Bikram Yoga I have experienced that I don’t need to go to the chiropractor anymore. I love practicing at SweatNGlow Temecula Temecula because everyone is so positive and supportive.”
Christine Reddick

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Developing a regular yoga practice is the best way to start. Let us help you create a sustainable schedule with classes that yield results.