The “rough” ductwork for our Thermotec heating system is currently installed and we’re now awaiting a visit by Temecula City inspectors which should occur this afternoon (Wednesday Aug 22). Our general contractor told us several days ago this should be a rather quick process which will then open the doors for the remaining dry wall, plumbing, and electrical work.

We’re all getting really excited as the opening date of Bikram Temecula edges closer and closer. Once we receive the exact date from our general contractor, we’ll send it on to you.

A couple weeks ago, we received word from Bikram Headquarters that FloTex carpet has yet to be an approved flooring for studios, so we’ve made the decision to return the Flotex carpet and ordered Shaw Stalok backing carpet from Pacific Flooring Co. in Murrieta. The StaLok has similar properties as the Flotex such as being anti-microbial and possessing a non permeable backing.

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If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes and register with us here. Doing so will make it quicker for you to register at the front desk during your first practice at Bikram Yoga Temecula. We’ll continue to keep you posted as the opening date draws closer.