This is the second of five tips for the month to help you improve your Bikram Yoga practice!

As students, we so often want to be able to do everything in class, but due to old injuries, inflexibility or previously practicing different versions of the poses we find it difficult to perform the entire pose.  This is normal!

In Bikram Yoga, you will often hear the teacher say, “Just try the right way and you will receive all the benefits of each pose.”  This means that rather than modifying, skipping or changing the posture, just do one step at a time.  When you get to a point where you are unable to do the next step…stay where you are and breathe.  With each class, you will go a bit further and will see that soon you can get to the next step and beyond.  Don’t worry about how high you are kicking your leg in Standing Bow…just kick back and up with as much strength as you have and you will develop more strength and flexibility by holding the pose still at your maximum.