It is exciting to build a brand new Bikram Hot Yoga facility right here in our own town of Temecula!  When we set out to plan the hot yoga room, we wanted to make sure we used materials and components that would help create a clean, safe and temperature efficient environment.  After visiting, researching, and practicing at Bikram Yoga studios all over the country, we have been able to take the ideas that we think would work best at Bikram Yoga Temecula and create not only an aesthetically pleasing and sanitary yoga room, but also a reliable and efficient climate-controlled system.  For starters, we are using a specialized flooring in the yoga room called Flotex, which is produced in Australia.  Flotex is a waterproof textile flooring made up of millions of straight fibers per square foot which prevent dirt and dust from penetrating. Antimicrobial protection integrated into the backing provides consistent protection against bacteria and the development of stale odors.

Next, our hot yoga room will have high powered and efficient Thermotek heating unit to heat the room to 105 degrees and an in-line humidifer allowing us to increase the humidity to 40%.  In addition, a fresh air system will provide fresh, pre-heated air to the yoga room as needed.  A CO2 monitor will be installed to regulate the air quality in the room. This process ensures you will always have fresh air to breathe throughout class.

After class, you can enjoy a hot (or cold!) shower in either the men’s and women’s shower rooms, both featuring three beautifully tiled showers, toilets, sinks and a changing area.  We are building Bikram Yoga Temecula for the long term and we are excited to have you join us this summer for class!  We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable here at BYT so that you can focus on yourself, and leave the rest to us.

What’s next?  Keep in touch with us as the building continues and “LIKE” us on Facebook to receive updates and hear more about the progress as Temecula’s only Bikram Hot Yoga studio comes to life!  Stay tuned for details about our Pre-Opening Party this July, 2012.

Thank you for reading…..Namaste.