We are reopening THIS FRIDAY June 12th and wanted to post some important information to help our community get their questions answered!  We are considering Friday through Sunday a “soft opening” and are going back to a full schedule on Monday, June 15th.

Below are answers to some FAQ’s that we think you may be asking!

  1.  Why is pre-registration required for classes? As is recommended by CDPH and OSHA, a reservation system allows us to know who is coming into the facility, so that we can contact them prior to their visit if needed.  In addition, this will allow for a safer touch-less check in process, and help us to plan ahead for our classes.
  2. Are class sizes limited?  Yes.  Due to required social distancing, we are limiting our classes to start with 15 students.  This will give each student in the yoga room over 10 square feet of physical space.  We are very fortunate to have a large facility that can easily accommodate this number throughout the studio with proper protocols.
  3. Will showers and changing areas be available?  Not yet!  In order to maintain social distancing and sanitation protocols required by the CDPH and OSHA, we are unable to offer these amenities at this time.  The bathrooms will be available for single use only. It is our hope that as we progress through our re-opening that we can begin to slowly open up these areas and services again!
  4. Are masks required to enter the studio?  Yes.  All students and staff will be required to wear masks to enter the studio.  Masks may be taken off when students are on their yoga mat.   After class, or upon leaving the yoga mat for any reason, students are required to wear masks.  Remember that you are wearing your mask for others, and we are one community together.
  5. Why do students have to sign a new waiver?  The new waiver covers Covid-19 specific liability information and shares the Studio Safety Protocol Plan.  By signing the wavier we know that everyone will also have access to our plans and protocols and feel that much safer coming back to practice with the community.
  6. What disinfectants are being used at the studio?  We have chosen an EPA approved disinfectant that is safe for our flooring and studio.  It is a hydrogen peroxide based product called Ecolab® Keystone Peroxide and Multi-Surface Cleaner,
  7. What will the check-in process be like at the studio?  The doors will open 15 minute before class starts, to allow enough time for pre-registered students to come in one at a time, use rest room if needed and enter the yoga room.   Students will have 10 minutes to rest after class and leave through the doors to the parking lot where they will be met with their shoes.
  8. Are cubbies available at the studio?  Not yet!   Please plan to dress for class, and bring only what you need. Keys and small items may be brought into the yoga room with you.  All students will exit out the doors to the parking lot.
  9. Will Online classes be available once the studio re-opens?   Yes.  We are working closely with our online enthusiasts to offer a selection on classes for those who choose or need to remain at home.  At this time, we are offering Yin Yoga Sundays 5:15pm and Wednesdays at 7pm, and we are working on streaming some Hot Pilates and Bikram classes from the studio LIVE for those at home as well.
  10. Where can I find out more information regarding safe guidelines that fitness studios should be following in California?  We have been working with experts on this for the past two months, and are proud to say that our protocols are in line with California’s Department of Public Heath and OSHA’s Covid-19 Industry Guidance for Fitness Facilities.