Hey There!

We are moving and shaking over here at SNGT, working to re-shape our space into a COVID-19 safe and friendly business!   Several of you have reached out with questions, others with your trusting support and we appreciate our community more than ever.

We are very fortunate to be working with a group of solid fitness studios and have access to protocols that have been designed to follow the CDC, State and local health guidelines and HIPAA in relation to Covid-19.  So when we say “we are waiting for Riverside County to send guidelines” make no mistake….we already have a set of high standards and protocols for health, hygiene, sanitation, and social distancing. When Riverside County gives gyms “the green light” as they have for restaurants, we want to be READY-TO-GO!

What are we working on this week?   
Studio traffic flow patterns
Deep cleaning and organizing of the facility
Staff Training for Studio Safety
Team and Client Studio Safety Plans – so that we are all on the same page!

What can you do now so that YOU are ready to come back?

1. Create your yoga kit – mask, mat, towel, water, socks (optional)   Masks are NOT required for class, but will be required throughout the studio to protect clients and staff.   Plan to come ready and dressed to sweat as changing areas will not be accessible in the early stage of re-opening.

2.  Learn how to sign up for class online!  If you need help reseting your password, give Paula a call at 951-331-9698 or email her at info@sweatnglowtemecula.com so that you are ready to go!  All classes will require pre-registration so get familiar with the Mind-Body App or go to our website here to register for online classes. 

3. Activate your membership or purchase your next package.  In order to schedule classes, you will need to have an active pricing option.

4.  Watch your email for instructions in signing our new waiver and Studio Safety Protocol Plan!  (Think: Yay…We are sooo On Top of It!)

Other than that…stay healthy, strong and get ready to come back and help us KICK COVID-19 TO THE CURB!!