As of Memorial Day Weekend, Governor Newsom announced we are moving into Phase 3 of reopening our State, which has yet to include guidelines for gyms and fitness studios.  The City of Temecula has drafted a Community Recovery and Re-Opening Plan as of May 8, 2020 and you will find the suggested protocols for gyms on pg. 35 to give you an idea of what fitness facilities will look like.

We recently put out a reopening survey to get a pulse on our community, and within 24 hours we had almost 100 responses.  And the survey said….

  • 88% of students plan to return to the studio as soon as it opens.
  • 1 out of four students would like to continue with online class options
  • 85% of our students plan to return with or without the use of showers.
  • The vast majority of our students have “No Concerns” about our studio’s safety protocols, and “trust” how we will reopen.

While we are busy making plans to open and operate safely, we have not yet received guidelines from the State or Riverside County Public Health Office for gyms and fitness studios, nor do we have a specific opening date.   However, it is our intention to open in these three ways:

  1. Safely and with Common Sense
  2. In Partnership with our Community
  3. For the Business- Now and Future

Over the next week, we will be blogging to address these areas, and share our intentions with you.  We have been welcomed with several perspectives on safety around the coronavirus, and while we support everyone’s decisions for how they wish to proceed with their health practices, we will make decisions that are in line with our mission, standards and intentions.

We all want to get back to our regular yoga practice, our studio and our community.   If we know one thing…it’s that we all need this YOGA.  And we CAN’T WAIT to bring it to you again here at SweatNGlow Temecula!