The first time Chris practiced Bikram yoga was in Laguna Beach, over 14 years ago. Although he wasn’t able to continue the practice, he felt the benefits and knew there was something in it for him later on in his life.

Chris, now 46,  pursued a football scholarship through Oregon University, yet due to a knee injury he transferred to University of Oregon to study Search and Rescue, S.C.U.B.A. while surfing the summers and skiing the winters. Always being active and outdoors, Chris had continued to keep trim and fit.

Later, married with three children and a business career, his life began the inevitable change as did his body. Like many of us, Chris seemed to have lost a part of himself in pursuit of things outside of himself. Last November, his wife Julia found out about Bikram Yoga Temecula and purchased an Intro Month for Chris.
Within his first 60 days of practice, Chris lost over 28 lbs.

IMG_0354“I no longer eat too much. Maybe 1.5 meals a day. I don’t have a short fuse with my family and business associates like I used to. I can easily control the frustrations of life.” Practicing three to four times per week he continues to avoid knee surgery, feels better, sleeps better, is more self confident, and much lighter on his feet feeling 110%. “In fact, I’ve become obsessed with practicing yoga!” says Chris.

After practicing 8 months now, Chris entertains the possibility of becoming a Bikram Yoga teacher in the not-too-distant future. We’re glad to have Chris and his family as well as a part of our community. Keep going, Chris!