Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 3.39.44 AM  Once I was a gym junkie and a runner. I had my ITunes “playlist”, my Saucony shoes, a personal trainer, and a “fat burner” concoction to boot. I was good to go, or so I thought. Although I will always appreciate the intensity of my workouts they often left me more amped up and sore rather than recharged and revitalized.  Admittedly I was very focused within my regiment yet the focus was not spilling over into my regular day.

Having a complicated history of yo-yo dieting, body image issues, and eating disorders I really needed something else. Along came Bikram Yoga. I found the “exercise” (it is really so much more!) that satisfied my need for intensity and more importantly gave me clarity and focus outside the “hot room.” My Bikram yoga practice, gave me the ability to see my body as it truly is and taught me how to respect, love and care for it in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Sometimes, in jest, teachers will refer to the time within the 90 minute class as the “torture chamber,” yet ironically the torture for me is not making it to class at least 6 times per week!

Bethany in Triangle

I tried some alternative yoga over the last 7 years of my yoga practice and I have enjoyed some of it and the people I have met, yet oftentimes those poses and the cooler temperature of the room has allowed me less flexibility and has caused me pains in the wrist, neck, and back. I really trust Bikram Yoga and my body feels oh so good during the class and absolutely amazing afterwards.  I cannot stop doing it, dissecting it, or telling others about it. It has really been an amazing part of my life. My husband tells me that I am the best mommy and wife that a family could have and I owe a great deal of this status to Bikram Yoga. The practice has allowed me to continue to become the best version of myself. I am forever grateful!

Today, my favorite pose is the Camel. I love how it heals my lower back, opens up my heart and stirs all kinds of emotions to the surface. Tomorrow, I will have a different favorite! That’s the beauty of Bikram Yoga. Each pose continually changes, teaches you more about yourself and makes you appreciate every part of who you are. I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga for over 7 years and this week, I just started to look into my eyes during class. I’ve always looked just above or to the left or right, but never directly. It’s opened up a whole new practice for me. My intention in class is different every day and I pray that I’m able to practice and embrace Bikram yoga until the day I die.