We are excited to announce that Bonnie Simon, one of our long standing students has been selected as July 2015 Bikram Yoga Temecula Student of the Month. Bonnie, age 67, has been both a student and teacher of yoga. Over 15 years ago, she began her yoga journey taking classes at a local community college on hardwood floors. Several years after,  she traveled to India and took a teacher training with the Himalayan Institute, and later another training in Anusara Yoga.

For over 47 years, Bonnie has worked for the airlines. “As an attendant, I need patience and compassion. Therefore, practicing yoga over the years has provided me a constant opportunity to be more centered and grounded. Also, lifting and storing luggage had brought on a chronic hip, neck, and psoas pain actually causing an eight percent disability. I needed to find a way to curb or eliminate the unending pain.”

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“My first Bikram Yoga experiences were in Oceanside and I was intrigued.” My work routed me through Amsterdam and I practiced there as well. Couldn’t understand the dialogue too well. One set in English and another in Dutch!”

Here is what Bonnie says about why she turned to Bikram Yoga.  “When I finish a practice I’m pain free. In my earlier practice of yoga I was pushing far too hard to get it right. Now I simply listen and let go… making a game of it. Not looking this way or that way. Just focus on myself for the 90 minutes.”