Starting Bikram was by far one of the greatest challenges of my life to date. For the first two sessions,  I was unable to stay in the room. I barely lasted an hour. It was HOT. Prior to Bikram, I had never even thought about my breathing outside of the gym.  My body had never felt like that before, and looking back I was probably close to passing out from exhaustion. After class I was full of questions. I asked nearly everyone I talked to about their Bikram experiences. To my surprise, everyone was extremely positive and happy to share. This was humbling because out of all the people I’d talked with, none of them left the room their first session!

I left the studio that day determined. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Why not? After all, I was young and physically fit. Unable to find a valid reason or excuse for my failure, I went home thinking about my next shot at redemption. For the remainder of the day I took extra precautions to eat healthier and hydrate myself. I made sure to be at my absolute best. However when the next class finally started, I wasn’t much better. Humiliated; I had to leave the room early yet again.

Even though I failed, I was even more determined to make it through. The third class had to be it. I simply had to do it. Thankfully, I managed to make it through my first class. The feeling of conquering the dreaded 90 minute session was glorious. My drive to excel in yoga was rekindled and my confidence restored.

Thankfully my persistence has paid off and since then I have learned much more about myself. The subtle things I have picked up along the way are so numerous it surprises me. Better yet, I am absolutely confident I would not have discovered these nuances any other way. The instructors have been so kind and devoted to helping me that it warms my heart.

Bikram Yoga is changing my life constantly and I crave it. Each day I wake up eager to learn more and do better. The structure of the classes is an aspect I especially enjoy. I can track my progress easily and take pride in the fact that each session pushes me to my limit.

Before Bikram, I was honestly very insecure about my disability. Since I was a kid, the doctors never had faith in me overcoming the condition. They said things like “you will never walk normal” or “even with stretching, it will only get worse as you age”. Sadly their attitudes leaked into my family and me. However I now know they were wrong. Perhaps they did not believe I could become such an active person or that I would develop the motivation to overcome it. Bikram has really changed my expectations! I knew I would be stretching for the rest of my life, and Bikram is truly a picture-perfect solution.

I am filled with gratitude and could not ask for a better environment to be a part of. I sincerely thank each and every member of the studio for their commitment to excellence and their genuine interest in every student. I will be a part of Bikram for the rest of my life.