We are pleased to announce that one of our long time practitioners, Meredith Young has been selected as Bikram Yoga Temecula Student of the Month for November 2015. She has been practicing Bikram yoga for over four years, averaging 4 times per week. Meredith stated her practice has helped her immensely.  “I’ve suffered with migraine headaches since middle school, yet with my steady yoga practice it’s been two years since I’ve had one!”

Meredith, 49 described the difficulty she had lifting her head just to get out of bed in the morning several years ago. Now she’s the eldest on a local softball team stretching even further playing first base. Moreno Valley School District is where Meredith has spent 16 years as an itinerant Special Needs Instructor teaching deaf children and monitoring their needs. “I have more energy and patience to give my students and their parents when I keep my Bikram practice.”

2014 Tourney

An ongoing work for Meredith is keeping possible rheumatoid arthritis at bay. “My mom, grandmother, sister all had neck surgery, but I’m going to do all I can to prevent it. There are several asanas we do in the practice that give me relief and ease the protruding discs in my neck and relieve shoulder pain.” “It’s a continuing process.”

Meredith Awkward Pose

Meredith also explained she has had of and on pain in both knees and determined herself to strengthen them. Subsequently, one of her favorite poses in her current practice is Utkatasana, awkward pose. “I just need to bring my shoulders back and lift my knees up just a little bit more!”

We’re glad to have Meredith as a thriving member of our yoga community. Way to go Meredith!