I was born during the onset of the 1975 liberation struggle of which is currently Zimbabwe. I lived with my family in the Svosve village until our independence in 1980. We then moved to the village community of Macheke where I enjoyed a simple, yet nourishing childhood.

Then, on May 26,1995 – with one bag and a courageous heart, I left my homeland and flew to the USA in pursuit of a higher education. Against enormous odds, I earned a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, a MS in Software Engineering, and a PhD in Sustainability Education. I’m grateful for the privilege to grow as a scholar and for the opportunity to do meaningful work.
connectIndeed, I have travelled far; yet it’s my deep-seated compassion for others and an optimistic belief in my own capacity to be an agent of change that’s enabled me to create the Macheke Sustainability Project (a non-profit initiative seeking to empower the people of my village to turn from a life of abject poverty).

Bikram Yoga found me about 6 months ago and my immediate goal was simple; become more flexible. However, I quickly rIMG_1204_2ealized with each practice, I discovered something new opened inside of me. I became deeply engaged in Bikram Yoga because here was a practice challenging me to be fully present and fully focused. My posture, my balance, my emotions, my breathing.
As a fervent yogini, I’m inspired to contribute more to my self-development. I currently live in Winchester and when not working, studying or researching I enjoy laughter with friends, travel to sunshine places, work on my book projects and practice yoga.

I love Bikram Yoga Temecula. It’s become a nurturing haven for me to recharge, make new friends and, most importantly grow. Each instructor, in their own way imparts something to my self development; be it creativity, compassion or a challenge. My lower back pain has subsided, I feel more alert and I’m losing the excess weight. My initial goal was to become more flexible – and I am still working on that with my smiling happy face  ☺