We are thrilled to have Madonna representing our Bikram Yoga Community as she has transformed herself with consistent and determined practice over the past four months.

In 2010, Madonna and her husband were in an automobile accident resulting in extensive damage and reconstructive surgery to her right arm. After months of physical therapy, Madonna 28, found herself spiraling into feelings of depression, insecurity, mood swings with no foreseeable end. “I had to somehow find my way back to good mental and physical health and be free of chronic pain.”

After discovering Bikram Yoga Temecula, Madonna committed to a practice of six times per week and is targeting a goal of 100 practices before she and her husband depart to Fort Lewis, Washington in October. “With my consistent practice I’ve lost weight, my legs are more toned, I can handle the ups and downs of life far easier now and, best of all I’m off medication!” she exclaimed.

Madonna felt she had struggled to finish things in her life, yet has found practicing Bikram Yoga has provided an avenue of strength, both physically and emotionally. “I’ve never told myself I can’t do it. With family support and Bikram Yoga I seem to be gaining a special endurance and inner power I had never experienced.” So much so that Madonna’s ultimate goal to heal herself and serve others by becoming a Bikram Yoga instructor herself. “I want to help others overcome their struggles and problems and be free.” 

Keep up the great work, Madonna! You inspire us all!