I don’t know where I’d be without Bikram yoga! I’ve been a fit person my entire life. I was a dancer, gym addict and health nut but could not find that balance from my work-outs. I was always striving to lose that last ten pounds, find relief from my anxiety and find a way to create peace in my heart and my life. Bikram yoga has given my all of this, plus much more! I found it five years ago at age 40, at a time when my life seemed like a wild roller coaster ride that I just couldn’t get off of! During my first class, I cried because I knew that I’d found what I’d been searching for. I just wish I’d found it 25 years ago! Since then, I’ve made peace with my body, and feel healthier than ever. I have a place to go where I can shut off my mind, focus on myself and practice postures that give me a combination of cardio, meditation and stretching that is unbelievably refreshing and incredibly invigorating. It’s become a healthy addiction and my wish is that everyone could experience and benefit in the same way that I have.

My husband practices and finds that it gives him a calm that is essential in his job, stays trim and what’s truly amazing, has found that it relieves the pain and tightness in his knees from two knee surgeries! It’s also cleared up a chronic nasal condition, that he’s suffered from his entire life. My 16 year old son practices for mental clarity, focus and just because it makes him feel incredible! He also is convinced that it clears up his skin when his acne is bad. My 12 year old son goes periodically and loves how it makes him feel and helps his posture.

Over the past five years, I’ve practiced in many Bikram studios and I’m so thankful for Philip and Katy’s studio. They truly love and care about all of their students and are always willing to listen, encourage or offer any suggestions to strengthen my practice. Thanks to Bikram yoga, I’m continually learning more and more about my body, finding mental peace and acceptance and finding that it spills over into my relationships, decision making and over-all peace of mind. Bikram yoga is nourishment for the soul and definitely the gift to yourself and others that keeps on giving!